Our Perspective

Photo: Mikkel Juul Jensen
Indio Rojo cacao tree

Global Locality

In our times, much emphasis is put on sourcing locally, but what happens with products such as cacao where locality is far away from the main market of demand? Maintaining the spirit of local in a globalized world through direct trade practices is the backbone of what we do. This allows our company to operate as co producers and therefore, collaborate with decisions of harvest and post harvest that improve the quality of the cacao we source.


A special focus of our company is put on genetic information: specific phenotypes, which are native to certain micro ecologies. At the moment, we are working with 7 different native varietals from Central America (mainly of Nicaragua and some from Honduras).

We pride ourselves in being one of the few companies worldwide with a special focus on single varietal chocolate bars.


Johé, Chuno, Nicaliso, Indio Rojo, Medagla, Barba,

The names of these varietals were defined recently with the project in Nicaragua with which Mikkel participated. Because of their recent introduction to the international market, they lacked formal naming. This process was done in collaboration with the farmers in order for the names to reflect the personality of the land and its people.


We are the first company to set two identical chocolate bars on the market which differed only in fermentation process. The outcomes were equally delicious but surprisingly different.

Another aspect we are looking into is the concept of aging and the role it plays in the flavor development of our chocolate bars.

Experimentation is an important part of our motivation and we hope, in the future to take these and other experiments a step further in order to share, and therefore contribute to chocolate connoisseurship.