Photo: Johanne Dreyer Klareskov
Market stand in Nicaragua

Find your local Friis-Holm chocolate dealer from our list, go to our webshop or simply contact us directly via e-mail mikkel@friis-holm.dk.

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Photo: Robin Skjoldborg
Mikkel Friis-Holm

We are an artisanal company who operate through an agrarian perspective in tune with sustainable values: Micro ecology of place, single origin native cacao varietals and a direct trade model.

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Photo: Andreas Wiking
Dark Milk 65%

Friis-Holm chocolate is a multi award winning company which has gained international recognition over the years.

Gold winner for best milk chocolate at International Chocolate Awards 2014: Dark Milk 65%.

Bronze awards in the dark chocolate category: Pure Dark Nicaliso 70% and Pure Dark Johe 70%.

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